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Grand Theft Auto V, commonly abbreviated as GTA V, is the fifteenth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series that was released on September 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles Its predecessor game is Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, released for the same platforms. It is the second installment of the series for consoles “next generation”, with very noticeable graphical improvements, a world Sandbox larger and more realistic physics engine used previously for GTA IV. He exceeded in a week and a half billion dollars accumulated, also named the game’s first year

The story takes place in the renovated city of Los Santos, where Michael, Trevor and Franklin work individually until they cross their lives and begin to work together robbing banks or doing work for various characters.

Saints: a vast metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and famous in decline trying to stay afloat in an era of economic uncertainty and cheap TV for cable. Amid this confusion, three very different criminal risk everything in a series of bold and dangerous attacks that could solucionarles life.

In an extensive report of the magazine Game Informer about the expected Grand Theft Auto V, a huge amount of details they have been made public by Rockstar. Looking to repeat the success of further episodes of GTA 5 Free Download, the game also added the role of the European immigrant Niko Bellic, the biker Johnny Klebitz and the bodyguard / confidant of Gay Tony, Luis Lopez, which threw three personalities and ways to tour distinct environments of games, the fifth numbered delivery of Grand Theft Auto has three different characters in the same game, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, each with their own personality, their motivations, skills and, above all, his own style of solving difficult situations and move forward in a more gigantic than ever Los Santos. According to Rockstar, as we are not controlling the other two, each carried his things and matters of day-to-day life, surprising as the editor when we stop controlling eg Trevor and move in real time to the management of Franklin, finding suddenly that this is in the middle of a problem that we will have to think fast and get out, or maybe deep in his hobbies, which its creators want each of the three has at least two hobbies to practice mini-game format that differentiate them further.

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How to know who are your best friends in Whatsapp



Yes, surely you are one of those millions of people who use Whatsapp daily, several times a day. Hundreds of messages are sent and received by servers of the company, generating terabytes of information every day.

But have you ever thought about who the people you most mensajeas you? You may remember a mechanism that had allowed snapchat you know who your “best friends” of that social network. This was nothing more than an account of who were the people you were interacting more.

As you can already do something similar in your Whatsapp. You just have to go to Settings-Account-use storage. It will show all the messages you have sent and received since you installed the application. You throw that data conversation by conversation. Obviously the group chats are at the top; but apart from that it is a good tool to know who you mensajeas more. This tool is also good to know when a conversation is beginning to take up too much space and maybe you should delete.

This is thanks to the update WhatsApp 2.12.3. Unfortunately, this tool is only available for iOS for the moment. Hopefully soon be available for Android too.

Already you found out who are your best friends on WhatsApp? Give us your feedback!

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If there is strictly speaking no codes for FIFA 16, there are still a few things that you can do in the game. Here are some tips and tricks for FIFA 16. Advancing your Be A Pro with your team because if you favor the collective to the individual, know that it is quite possible to run your entire team while improving your player. Just so, select “Play – Check team” before the start of the match. You will have your entire team under control while maintaining the achievements to unlock for your player. It is ideal to serve in good conditions …

Go unlock additional teams with the EA SPORTS UEFA catalog With Fifa 16 tips and tricks.

There are actually two teams to unlock the EA catalog SPORTC FC namely Adidas All Star Team and the All Star team in 2015 AT & T MLS. Know that you must have level 7 and 8 to unlock and 3000 CFC credits.

Optimize your contracts FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

Contracts can cost very expensive in FUT. To save money, we can only advise you to take a look at the part of the guide for FIFA 16 FIFA 16 contracts Ultimate Team.

Online, we play his life!

Needless to specify that when you play online, there is no mercy to have … So like every year, the question will arise: What is the best team? And as so often in recent years, Real Madrid is well ahead of the vote yet still with an impressive offensive line.

The simplest dribbling are often the best!

It is often the case, the most decisive dribbles are often the most simple to make.Chance of it, dribbling three star and four star guide of FIFA 16 are, for many players, the most interesting. Do not hesitate to cause you to pass each time. The girls will unlock more trophies to celebrate the arrival of the girls on FIFA 16, five trophies were exploits incorporated into the game. For how have we refer to the part of FIFA 16 Guide dedicated to success and trophies. The FIWC also on Microsoft consoles

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This is one of the novelties for fans of eSports but this year’s FIFA Interactive World Cup will be available on the two supports of the new generation. To recall, the menu of the FIWC is available in the “Online” in the lower right. Maybe you’ll be the new champion of the world …

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